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“I went with this plan because it was written and supported by an ex-restaurant guy. The method didn’t make sense at first, I had to do a lot of writing and research, but he was right, I learned a lot in the process. Looking forward to presenting my finished plan to the bank next week.”
-R. Fitzgerald, 2012

" I actually got to the finals of my university's (ivy league) business plan competition with this plan. I spent a lot of time revising and editing but mine stood up to a lot of professional level entries. Not bad for off-the-shelf software".

“We wanted to see what this deal would look like before we made a big investment. Get tool for seeing into the future. We were able to set up a strategy with our partners and shaping the results with only this little application. ”
- Ellis LLC

“I had the written portion already done and was looking for the numbers part. Got some good advice from Bruce and went with his product. Great reviews by my investors. Now I am thinking of doing over the written part!”
- C.N. 2013


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