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Listed below are the current items that you will be able to access in our private members area:


Free Restaurant Business Plan (Narrative Section)
Our top selling comprehensive restaurant business plan complete with outline, full sample with financials and appendices.

Source of Funds & Startup Checklist ($19 value)
A little utility, excerpted from Financial Modeling Spreadsheets 3.0 that lets you analyze your “deal” and shows how you will spend your startup funds before you open.


PR Power
by Stephanie Crane
“One thing is true: If you do not communicate with the media, you guarantee that no one will read, see, or talk about you and your restaurant. Begin your media communications program today and give your business a chance. Where should you start? By writing and distributing a press release…”

Does A Publicist Make It Taste Better?
by Roberta Hershon
“It’s a slow and steady climb to reach the top and stay there, but it only takes an instant to tumble to the bottom. A good publicist can point out potential problems, avoid pitfalls along the way and expose you to a whole new world filled with tasty opportunities.

A QuickBooks Primer for Restaurant Owners and Operators
by John Nessel
“QuickBooks is inexpensive, powerful enough to handle every financial task that you will face, exceptionally easy to use, well known to your accountant, and far and away the most popular small business accounting software in the universe”.

Is Your Menu Working For You or Against You?
by John Nessel
We’re going to save the labor conversation for another day. Today we’ll take a unique look at controlling your food costs. More specifically I’m going to introduce to you a powerful tool to help you achieve this. This tool, along with techniques for utilizing it, has been called menu engineering…

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