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 RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE- Financial Modeling Spreadsheets V3.1

Restaurant Business Plan SpreadsheetsThis is the set of linked restaurant business plan template spreadsheets that are used to generate the restaurant modeling reports. They were created using MS Excel while building a restaurant business plan for a medium-size full-service operation.

During the development we consulted with National Restaurant Association endorsed accounting firms and top tax attorneys. These reports have been used successfully in hundreds of business plans and have been scrutinized by bankers and venture capitalists as well as private investors.

This package has just been completely updated and expanded. Now easier to use with more features and printable reports!

Below is a list of forms available in the basic package. Since you will have access to the formulas, these forms can be infinitely customized to fit your project. New forms can be added, existing forms can be modified, even whole new workbooks can be easily  incorporated. Other forms can be developed and added as needed.

Restaurant Business Plan Template Spreadsheet Report Index:
Click on the active links to view a sample sheet.
Note: The yellow cells (on the linked pages) are to coded to easily identify where to enter data (and where not to). The yellow is automatically removed before printing.

These are actual samples from our Free Restaurant Business Plan. Each link will take you to an image at the bottom of the page. To return to the top, click the up arrow icon at the bottom left of your screen.

  1. Cover Page
  2. Company Information & Fact Sheet
  3. Sources of Capital & Debt Service
  4. Use of Funding & Start-up Costs
  5. Menu and Average Check Calculation
  6. Menu and Average Check Calculation (Lunch)
  7. Menu and Average Check Calculation (Dinner)
  8. Gross Sales Calculation
  9. Payroll Calculation
  10. Income Statement (showing industry average expenses)
  11. Income Statement (from client input)
  12. Income Statement (five years)
  13. Ramp up Cash Flow Statement (12 month)
  14. Detail of Expenses Worksheets
  15. Break-Even Analysis & Scenario Worksheet
  16. Balance Sheet
  17. Loan Amortization Schedules (five year)

Chart Comparison of Income Statements
This set of charts, calculations, and statements generated from Microsoft Excel and designed to give you a detailed view of the present financial needs and potential performance of a typical single restaurant operation. It is sold as an MS Excel workbook (.xls) and is available for any platform that supports Excel 97 or greater.

It is based on input from you (assumptions about sales volume, pricing, payroll, etc.), and checked against industry averages for accuracy. Starting with the individual menu item, we end up with a full set of financial statements and powerful data reports for analysis and decision making. It is then easy to manipulate the key assumptions to create new scenarios that may be more realistic or produce better results. With this option you can quickly decide

  • If the start-up budget is adequate.
  • About tax planning and corporate structure.
  • Whether occupation costs are in line.
  • If payroll is too high – and where.
  • If debt service is too high.
  • What kind of return you can realistically promise investors.
  • And much, much more.

This restaurant business plan template package is also very flexible. New scenarios can be created quickly and inexpensively as circumstances change. Projections for up to five years can be easily calculated.

This package is not a commercial software application.
It is simply an MS Excel formatted workbook. There is help file that will guide you through the construction of your workbook but you must know how to use MS Excel to complete it.

This package is not offered for resale commercial use.
That is, you may only use it for your own projects and not for sale or re-use to the public.

Restaurant Business Template 1

Restaurant Business Plan Template 1

Restaurant Business Template 3 - Menu

Restaurant Business Plan Template 4 - Income Statement

Restaurant Business Plan Template 5 - Break Even Analysis

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