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If you would like personal assistance with your startup restaurant project, our consulting services are just a phone call away. We are a staff of one – Bruce Frankel, a former chef, restaurateur and consultant with more than 30 years in the restaurant business. I can help you:

  • develop your business plan
  • evaluate the completed plan
  • make suggestions on what needs work

I didn’t even have a business plan for my first restaurant. Looking back I can tell you my whole life and career would have been vastly improved if I would have had the resources available on this website. Of course I would have also needed the good sense to make use of them.

It took me a long time to figure this out (to be sure, I am still learning) and I don’t expect just anyone to follow my advice. But if this sounds somehow right to you, take and use the tools I offer on these pages (both free and paid) and then call me. It’s cheap money at the end of the day when you consider what’s at stake.

If you haven’t got the plan yet, click the button below and get started. Don’t call me until you are done.

My rate is $29 for 15 minutes. Usually, that’s enough. Send me you completed plan. In 15 minutes I’ll let you know how you did. And how you might do.

800 755 5599

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