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Virtual Restaurant, formerly CEC Restaurant Consulting, is a company that specializes in start-up aboutdoodlerestaurant ventures. The founding owner, Bruce Frankel, and his associates have spent over 20 years in the restaurant business. building and operating their own establishments. For the past 10 years they have acted as consultants to highly successful restaurateurs.

Using the business plan as a central strategy for business development, Virtual Restaurant gives prospective restaurateurs a chance to see probable outcomes of their business assumptions. Once a business is established, we offer tools for operations and back office management. It is our goal to find practical yet affordable solutions for very basic food service business needs.

We hope you find this site useful. If you starting out, our business plan, start up modules, and financial modeling services are invaluable. If you need resources for an established business, our management and accounting tools have been extensively used in successful operations.

If you would like personal assistance, our expert consulting services are just a phone call away.

The restaurant business is rewarding, but demanding. We hope this site and our services will make it a little easier.

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